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Lately With Lex Is One of Our Favorite Nashville Bloggers

Are you looking to keep up with some classy, simple yet sophisticated fashion looks? We have just the answer for you.

Alexa is a Nashville fashion blogger, a wife and a dog mom. She started the brand “Lately with Lex” and is one of our favorite bloggers in town. Her style is simple and classy, yet sophisticated. The about page on her website sums it up perfectly…

I am a girls girl that has found the perfect white tee, a dinner that everyone will eat, and the best mascara. And if thereโ€™s something I havenโ€™t found, youโ€™ll be along for the ride! My hope is to inspire others and be that best girlfriend you never knew you needed. So happy to have you stop by!

See some of her recent looks on Instagram and be sure to check out her website. Maybe even shop some of her looks!

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Because Nashville is the place to be


Hello everyone. We are excited to announce that Nashville Vibes Mag is officially launched.

What is Nashville Vibes you ask?

We are a news and media website focused on Nashville’s vibrant community. We connect Nashville’s residents to the latest local news and raddest events.

So how does this work?

It’s simple. Our mission is to create stories around the amazing people of our amazing city. This website is not about us as publishers. It’s not about politics or agenda’s. This website is about highlighting the stories of the interesting people, events and community around the city that we feel so passionate about.

Our magazine is about you. It’s about the community.

We want to hear your stories. We want to see your social media posts. We will be collecting pictures, videos and posts that we find around the internet and putting them all together in a blog format that is easy to digest and easy to share!

We are so excited and we hope you are too!

Also, I was stumbling around Instagram and I found this great picture. Follow the Nashville IG handle to check out some great pictures of the city and the people.