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Sibert Law

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200 4th Ave N Suite #925, Downtown, TN 37219
Detailed Information
A great business offers more than just a product or service, it has a solid point of view. 
A different way to offer traditional services that sets it apart in the marketplace. 
What sets us apart is our innovative approach to business legal issues. 
Our services are tailored to the business community with a focus on privately owned companies,

entrepreneurs and investors.  We have first-hand knowledge of the power of small to medium-sized

businesses (SMBs) and have witnessed them shape the economy.  
We are proud to count them amongst some of our long-standing and
most successful clients.  
We also represent larger companies that need legal assistance in the
niche areas of product manufacturing, distribution, franchising and licensing.  
We look forward to partnering with you to change the way that business gets done